These lovely goats made elder residents happy

Hugging animals could relieve your stress. And you will forget about all your difficulties immediately.

And that’s why animals are often brought to children’s centers or nursing homes.
The goat once visited one of the nursing homes in the UK and won everyone’s hearts.

These small therapists sat down in the arms of older people and gave their love and warmth.
Goats are amazing and cute. And we wish they could stay with us forever, said one of them.

But unfortunately, this could not happen as they need to visit other nursing homes as well.
But indeed they will return there to make people happy again.

They brought happiness and joy with them.
All residents enjoyed their presence. As they were so gentle and joyful.

And this was a real Christman mood for them, said the director of the center. They were happy to have such an opportunity.

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