These babies barely survived on the street in an embrace

These babies were found on the street. They somehow survived till someone found them.
Melinda Blaine recently found these cute animals. So, she took the animal to her home and treated them well.

It’s unknown how they manage to live without mother care for such a long time. During this time they were together. If they parted away they started to cry.

They also had some abrasions on their paws. Melinda treated them with special pills.
After feeding they slept. They fell asleep and needed to recuperate. They also should recover from stress.

Bonsai gained about 15 grams in one day. But her wound was even more serious compared to Buddha. But it could not prevent her from being positive.

Bonsai was surprised by the strength of her spirit. The animal fights for its life.
Then, they started to explore the world. It was the first time they tried solid food.

Also, it was a real happiness for them.
They can always purr for no reason. They are always together no matter the situation.
This rescue team does their best to find a caring home for these beauties. Let’s hope that soon they will find their owners.

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