The zoo finally celebrated the birth of endangered animals

Sometimes we hear good stories happening in the zoos. Many specialists do the best to raise the population of many animals who are under the risk.

So, it’s nice when new animals are born in the zoo but even better when they are endangered tigers.

So, this zoo had a good reason to celebrate.
Endangered species of tiger cubs were born there.

The lovely creatures were born in Safari. And that was the 2nd time this happened.
They were the babies of 9 years old Riya.

Fortunately, she is a caring and kind mom who looks after her babies properly.
Today, only 400 Sumatran tigers remain in the world.

And this is a new survival project for them.
So, this is a lucky accomplishment for all animal lovers.

Now, the babies spend most of their time with their mom. And they have an amazing and incredible bond. Soon, everyone could also see them at the zoo.

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