The zebra was mated with a donkey and a unique animal was born

This creature was the cutest animal in the world. It was a mix of zebra and a donkey that no one could believe as such things are barely happening.

In the Park, a mother zebra was noticed walking with her baby which was not a usual one. The baby’s body was similar to a donkey but it already had stripes on his legs. What magic?

The workers of the park were surprised by seeing this and they started to examine the baby. After some time it turned out that it was a mix of a donkey and a zebra. As a result, the baby was a zonkey.

The baby was very beautiful and everyone who saw him adored the baby. Indeed, it had a special look and was different from others but he was very cute.

The doctors claim that zonkeys are males and they could not be bred. Now the baby is living with her mother in the same park. The baby will stay there till they find a zebra’s group and he will join them.

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