The young policeman’s jacket keeps this tiny dog in warmth and safety

Stories about people being kind to animals are always heart-touching and the following one is not an exception.

One day at Chautauqua County, located near New York, the police department received an unusual call. According to the caller, there was a dog near the road that got hit by a car.

That’s when the Sergeant from the police station, Chris Howlett, rushed to the place of the accident. When he arrived he saw a puppy in the snow. It looked hurt and was very cold.

He, without thinking a lot, took off his jacket and used it to wrap the poor animal in it. It was an act that would prevent the puppy from getting colder and will keep it in safety. The police officer didn’t leave the puppy for any moment. He sat near and made sure the animal wasn’t feeling bad while the rescue team was on their way.

Soon after the animal rescue workers arrived and took the animal to a veterinarian. After the health examination it turned out that, luckily, the puppy did not get any severe issues.

The puppy was later named Rogue and was sent to his home. Later the police department wrote an update about the situation. They told that Rogue is now fully recovered from the accident and will be sent home by the start of the next week.

During these hard times, when there are a lot of opinions from the public against any law enforcement workers, it is important to consider also the positive effect those institutions bring. Sergent Chris Howlett indeed did an amazing job.

Surely, everyone is very grateful to the kind policeman thanks to whom Rogue will now be in safety and will continue living.

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