The young man was killed and his loyal dog was put on his graveside at the funeral

Dogs can feel both happiness and sadness like people do. They also have some emotions and it’s hard not to notice.

This young man was killed at the age of 22. And his lovely dog did not leave his grave. He laid next to him for a very long time.

This story happened a few days ago. The mab was killed with his girlfriend. His girlfriend is now in hospital and is struggling for her life.

Will’s mother was broken into many pieces. It was very hard for her to overcome the pain. She did not know how it could happen with her son.

The criminal would be soon punished as the custody is under investigation.
What happened at the funeral shocked everyone.

The best friend of the man was his dog named Ace who laid on his grace. He also felt the pain of loss.

They had a strong connection and now the dog lost his best friend and owner.
The loss was for the whole family.

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