The young girl had to take care of her siblings after her parents died

The Rodriguez family had 6 children. The mother of the family died because of cancer.
Only the oldest daughter remembers her because everyone else was too small.

So, Samantha helped her father to raise her siblings.
She was only 18 years old when she did so.

The father did her best to make the children feel comfortable. But after some years the father also felt ill and was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Samantha left school to manage taking care of her siblings. It was the hardest period of her life when she was left alone with 5 siblings.

And everyone was under her responsibility.
The authorities wanted to take the children to the orphanage but Samantha did not allow this to happen.

Her grandmother helped her to take care of the children.
Samantha started to work as a waitress to fulfill their needs.

Fortunately, things started to get better and she managed to finish school.
Her grown siblings also helped her do so.

She wanted to be a good example and do everything for them.
Children in their turn helped her if needed.

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