The young girl adopted 13 kids before getting married

Wedding days are the most important days in someone’s life, especially when it comes to women. We want our relatives to be with us on that significant day.

But the wedding of this girl named Katie Davis was unique with its guests. She had 13 girls from Uganda.

The girl won the title of prom queen and wore many designer clothes. Her parents wanted her to get higher education but she had other plans.

When she was 18 years old she traveled to Uganda and had a charitable mission.
She assumed to stay there for just one year but during that time she decided to live there forever.

After some time she found an organization whose aim was to educate children in need in Uganda.
Katie was later allowed to adopt children. So, she adopted 13 children.

And this helped her meet her future husband. After some years she married a man called Benji Majors.

They met at the time when Benji came there also for the same mission as Katie.
‘When I hear how the girl calls my husband ‘dad’ my heart melt’ said the girl.

The couple invited their relatives to share with them the most significant days in their life.
But the mօst awaited ones were the daughters.

Now the couple lives happily together with their 14 children.
The mother of Katie respects her decision and she is happy as her daughter found the mission of her life.

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