The woman adopted a wandering dog, and how he refuses eating or drink when the owner is not at home

Nadezhda always loved animals. She never stayed indifferent to dogs and cats on the street. She could not leave an animal who was in need.

Once, when she was refueling her car she noticed a stray animal. The poor dog did not have one eye. The kind woman felt sorry and could not stay indifferent. But not everyone is ready to help animals.


She took it to the vet and the doctors tried to help her. They wanted to fix her eye but they could not.
The woman called her Zhelia. She thinks that Zhelia is very beautiful. Moreover, she is a very kind and obedient creature.

When the owner leaves for work, she waits patiently for her return. She refused to eat when the woman was not at home. She is always afraid of being abandoned again.

The dog loves her owner and cares for her. They love each other so much. And it’s nice that there are such amazing people like Nadezhda. They make us believe in miracles.

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