The woman woke up and thought she was 19 but she was already 34 years old

The 34 years old woman went to bed and woke up in a different world.
In this world, she believed that she was 15 years old but she forgot the last years of her life.

When she opened her eyes she saw a strange room and was scared of it. And then a boy came and called her mom. This was a real shock for her.

She hurried to the mirror to see herself.
The student suddenly found an old woman whose life was overall changed.

Her friends took her to the doctor.
Some experiments were done. It turned out to be global amnesia.

With this disease, she did not lose acquired skills like driving a car. But she lost global memories and the last years disappeared from her life.

So, she underwent therapy, and working with doctors gave results.

But every time she went to sleep she hoped to see students in the morning.
So, she also wrote a book that became a bestseller and gave her popularity.

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