The woman woke up and found a strange dog on her furniture which did not want to leave

The day started unexpectedly when she woke up and found a strange dog sitting in the yard.
Amy Hayden once woke up and found a dog.

The dog noticed her also but was not scared of them. He did not want to leave.
He happily greeted them and acted like it was his place.

Amy was amazed but welcomed him.
They called him Walker and started to search for his family.

They did everything but could not find out where he came from.
It lasted about a month and Amy understood that they should find a solution.

They had to find him a new owner.
Fortunately, they managed to do so and now Amy would have a permanent home and loving owners.

The woman fell in love with him from the very first moment.
He made a good impression on their first meeting and the woman decided to take him forever.

No one knows how he ended up in Amy’s house but thanks to her, the dog found permanent owners.

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