The woman who never celebrated her birthday suddenly hears her name over the loudspeaker

Frances Buzzard was an ordinary janitor.
The whole staff respected this hardworking woman for her perseverance.

But it was obvious for everyone that this woman had many secrets that no one knows.
Once, the director called her to the cafeteria.


And when she entered the cafeteria she saw 200 students who were there to congratulate her on her birthday. The staff found out that she never celebrated her birthday and decided to make her happy. It was the very first time she celebrated her day.

She felt very happy and thankful to everyone who organized it.
But there is one more surprising thing. Someone opened a slide show that was a documentary about her life.

It turned out that she was a very energetic young lady.
But everyone wondered why she never celebrated her day?

The woman was born in a poor family and her parents could not never give her a gift. They could not even celebrate Christmas.
So, she never celebrated the day.

Frances was happy for such a gesture from everyone.

Everyone loved and respected her.
So, she could never imagine that someone would make her day so special.

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