The woman took 18 disabled dogs to the beach and it was impossible to describe their happiness in words

People are smart but there are so many things to learn from animals.
So, animals sometimes amaze animals with their behavior.

But you will admire how they enjoy every little thing in their life.
People sometimes do not appreciate things they have.

And we should learn from animals to be grateful and enjoy life.
The woman named Salima Kadaoui was the founder of the shelter and once decided to take the 18 disabled animals to the beach.

And it was a touching moment.
When the dogs saw the sea they forget about their problems and especially about the wheelchairs.

They started to play on the beach. And indeed you will smile while looking at them.
They loved the beach and felt happy.


The woman also was happy to somehow make their day.
The day will always stay in their minds forever.

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