The woman told how the dog helped her by warning her about the cancer

Karen Ethier once found a dog near her workplace.
The dog was covered with dirt and one of his paws had to be amputated.

The doctors confess that they have never seen such a case.
When Karen saw the sick dog she felt that she wanted to help him. So, she took him home.

At that time, she could not even imagine that the dog would one day save her life.
After 6 years of living together, the dog started to behave unusually. He showed the woman’s chest and wanted to tell something.

Karen was horrified and underwent an examination. It turned out that she had cancer.
It was urgent to start the treatment as the cancer is in its 3rd stage.

Karen did not want to lose her hope and decided to fight till the end.
After 6 months she is finally ready to go into remission. All this time, Louis was with her. She proved her loyalty to his owner.

‘I was afraid of everything happening to me but my dog supported me the most’ she said.
Louis gave her the strength to fight. The woman owes her recovery to her dog.
‘I am happy to have him. He saved my life and he is my best friend,’ she said.

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