The woman suddenly heard a noise and then found a new family member

Suddenly April Fiet heard a noise and assumed that it was a rodent.
But she was wrong and it was a different animal.

‘When I wake up in the morning my husband said that we already have a cat in our home’ said April.
So, they called animal control who came and helped to lure the animal out.

So, they named the cat Atticus. Afterward, they took him to the doctor to be sure everything is good with him. They also wanted to find his owner.

Fortunately, the animal was healthy but homeless. April’s son was allergic to animals but she could not leave the animal and took it with him home.

The animal was shy and could not trust anyone for a very long time.
But the family finally managed to gain his trust and he turned out to be a very joyful and caring creature.

Now the animal is living with them and is enjoying his family’s love. He is lucky to appear in that family.
The cat also brought love to the family. The son turned out not to be allergic and now they are all happy together.

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