The woman suddenly captured the moment when her boyfriend sang song for their pet

Jen Anderson was an animal lover. She already had animals when he met Lady. But she loved the animal from the very first moment.

She was concerned about the dog’s fate and decided to adopt the baby.
Jen’s future husband also loved animals. And Lady was loved once she entered the new house.

Lady enjoys getting love from the owners.
Once, Jen filmed the moment when she heard how her boyfriend was singing for the dog.

It was an emotional moment and the video went viral. The girl was going to leave the house when she heard the voice and was impressed.

So, she did not lose the moment and filmed it. The man was doing it, especially for Lady.
During it, the man also hugged the baby. Jen did not want to interrupt and left the house.

The woman was so impressed with what she saw. She is happy as they have a family new member in their house.

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