The woman stopped using sugar and how at the age of 70 she looks like 40

Many people try losing weight in different ways,
A woman named Carolyn Hartz found the way many years ago.

Now she is 70 years old but looks 40. The secret of this is to stop using sugar.
Carolyn is from Australia and looks younger than her age.

Even the hosts did not believe their eyes when they came to take interview from the woman.
The woman sometimes shows her passport to make them believe.

She told that she loved sweets but it’s already been 30 years since she stopped using them.
Also, she started playing tennis.

Sport played an important part in her life.
Giving up sugar is the key to success.

After a month I started to feel lighter, she said.
Also, I sleep for 8 hours and do sports, she continued.
So, sugar could have a much greater effect than one could ever imagine.

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