The woman shared a food with a strange man who later turned out to be Richard Gere

Karine Gombeau was walking through the streets of the city when she noticed a homeless man near garbage cans. He thought the man was searching for food in it.

Karine bought pizza and gave it to the man.
And when she opened the papers she found that it was Richard Gene. So, she mistook him for a beggar.

Karine does not know English well so she did not understand any explanations from the man. So, she gave him the package, wished him a good day, and then continued walking.

But when actors are walking, paparazzi always follow them. So, they took pictures of the moments, and the next day all of it appeared in the newspapers.

Later, the woman knew about the actor and that it was his shoot time when they met.
Make-up artists worked very well as the woman could not recognize the popular actor.

Karine was in that city by accident so it turned out to be a fun journey.
Gere also admitted that the woman was very kind.

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