The woman saved an elephant and now looks after him like a pet

Some people keep unusual animals who are not intended to live in homes.
The woman named Roxy Danckwerts keeps an elephant at home.

Maybe many people find it strange but she did what she wanted.
The woman dedicated most of her life to looking after wild animals.

It does not matter whether it’s a big cat or little. She aimed to help them to recover and go back to the wild.

This elephant was so little when she was found. The baby had little chance to survive.
But thanks to the efforts of the kind woman the baby survived.

She overcame the struggle for her life.
Now, the baby was living in Roxy’s sanctuary and forgot about her past.

She is healthy and in good condition. She followed the mother wherever she went. And Roxy adored the elephant.

The woman tells how strong the animal smells and how she finds her.
She is very loyal to her like a dog.

And most probably, Moyo wants to express her thankfulness to the woman who saved her life. She is an adorable creature.

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