The woman proved everyone that her dog is larger than any wolf

Brittany Davis’s puppy grew too fast.
And it became even larger than any wolf.

The owner even shared posts where it is obvious that the dog is even taller than the man.
Her brother advised her to get a dog and helped her to buy it.

But it was a dog from one of the largest breeds.
This dog called Zeus differed from any other dog with its big paws.

So, the dog became a huge creature.
When they looked at the dogs they could not believe that it happened.

The woman also wanted to sign him to the Guinness Book of Records.
He is the largest dog in the world.

When he stands on his legs his height passes a half meter.
It’s not easy to keep such a dog but the woman does it with great pleasure.

She even filmed a programme about her dog.
They need special love and treatment and not everyone is ready for this.

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