The woman made a decision and canceled the wedding

Ninna Mandin found that everything was good in her life. She had 2 dogs and adored them.
She was going to get married when something changed everything.

She noticed strange bruises on her dogs’ body. The doctors found hematomas but did not know where they came from.

After some time, the girl noticed that the dog was afraid of her future husband.
To find out what was wrong she installed a camera in the room.

And what she saw shocked her. Her future husband was throwing the dogs to the floor.
‘When I watched the video my love for the man suddenly disappeared, I started to hate him’ she said.

She wanted the man to be punished. So, she shared the video on social media and asked the police to deal with this case.

No one could explain the reason for such an act. But one thing was sure that the girl made the right decision. How could she live the rest of her life with such a man?

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