The woman looks 30 years old in her 56 and she shared her secret of looking young

The woman named Sheena Cole did not look older than 30 years. But she is 56 years old now.
She saved her body shape and face.

And she is sure that everyone can do this by just keeping some simple rules. The most important key to this she considered was skincare and a healthy lifestyle.

She always uses sunscreens that help her to keep her face looking and in this way she protects her skin from UV rays.

When I went from home with shorts and less makeup, I started looking even younger, she said.
Also, you should spend time in gyms. For example, She spends some hours every day in the gym.

My friends also ask the secret of this. Indeed, there is also a genetic factor but if you want you will do it without even that.

So, these rules are worth repeating, she said. And those who want to stay young forever should keep these rules.

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