The woman lets one cat enter home and then became the owner of 8 pets

Once, a woman named Sarah Kelly went out of home and noticed a poor car that was in need. The cat was pregnant and already had 2 babies with her. But the woman could not stay indifferent and let the cat into the home. So, she became the owner of 8 pets.

And the rest of them still need to be born.
‘The cat that I later called Ellie seemed to be helpless when I first saw her,’ said the woman.

After feeding the babies the woman contacted the animal rescue center and took the mom to the vet. The mother underwent an examination and she turned out to be completely healthy. So, they returned home together.

After some time, the mother gave birth to the rest of the babies and then sent them to another family.
The mother quickly became used to the new environment. So, she is very careful of all her babies and that amazes her owners.

This was the kindest cat ever. She took care of her babies and when she understood that she could not continue doing this she asked for help, said, Sarah Kelly.

Two babies were adopted and sent to other families but the younger ones are still with her. Let’s hope that soon they all will find their permanent homes.

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