The woman knitted sweater for the penguins to keep them from cold

The old woman named Merle Davenport, knitted warm jackets for the animals.
And due to it, the penguins do not freeze.

Davenport is from Victoria.
She knitted a sweater for the animals for many years. Overall, she knitted about thosand items for them.

Davenport came to the island to see them in 2014.
Even a little amount of oil can kill them because it can separate their feathers.

And birds freeze and become heavier because of this.
And it made them less capable of obtaining food.

So, with sweaters, they feel warm and comfortable.
So, if the sweaters are not matching their sizes they put them on toys and sell them.
But fortunately, after 2001 there had not been any oil spills, so the knitted sweaters are kept for future cases.

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