The woman jumped into the river to save the infant cats who were in a plastic bag

Many people could not imagine how others can cause pain to animals.
I remember how I felt sorry for the animal when I stepped on his paw. It took 2 days for me to apologize.

That’s why it’s difficult to imagine how someone could harm animals. Especially when the animal is still a baby.
But unfortunately, many people do not care about the lives of others.

This story is about cats who were thrown into the river in a plastic bag.
A group of children found the cats in such a condition.

Children hurried to call for help. But they could not get the plastic from the river. And then a kind woman intervened to save the babies.

A woman called Claudia was with her daughter when they saw what happened.
Then she jumped into the river to save the babies.

Three babies were inside the bag.
And then the rescue team arrived but one of the babies had already died.

Then the police started an investigation to find out how this happened and who did it. So, they watched the footage and everything became clear.
The woman who did it was arrested for animal cruelty.

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