The woman gave birth to her 20th child, the story of their life will amaze you

This family is from the UK. A woman named Sue Radford recently gave birth to her 20th child. The last baby was named Archie and was born when her mother was 42 and her father was 46 years old.

The family did not plan any children anymore.
The son was born ahead but fortunately, he is healthy.

The family had 10 boys and 9 girls. The oldest one is already 28 years old.
Noel and Sue are also grandparents of 3 children.

Sue was first pregnant when she was a teenager and even at that age, she was not afraid of anything.

They initially planned 3 children but now they have 20.
Now they live in a big house with ten rooms.

But they did not have a car, they usually travel by minibus. So, they are very friendly and are always there to help each other.

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