The woman found out that her son’s bride is her daughter during the wedding ceremony

No one could expect that this usual Chinese wedding would turn into a drama.
The groom’s mom noticed a familiar feature on the bride’s hand and understood that her son would soon marry her daughter.

The girl disappeared many years ago.
At first, the woman thought it was just a coincidence but then she asked her parents whether they are her biological parents or not.

The family was surprised by that question because no one knew about the secret. But they told the truth.

So, it turned out that the family found the girl on the rural road and took her home.
They raised the girl like their own child.

The bride could not hide her tears after hearing the story.
Most probably now the wedding should be canceled but then another secret was revealed.

It turned out that when the mother lost her daughter she adopted another child. So, the couple is not siblings and nothing could prevent them.

So, the wedding took place. But the ceremony was postponed as everyone was nervous and shocked.

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