The woman found a small animal who was crying in a dumpster

The woman was going to work when suddenly heard crying noises coming from a dumpster.
She heard noises inside the trash can. The gog with bright eyes was looking at her. The animal weighed about 6 kilograms.

So, the woman hurried to take the scared animal from there. The woman did not know what to do with it so she called her colleague to advise her what to do.

The animal called Karolina was moved to the hospital and stayed overnight for examination.
The animal was wet and hungry.

The dog did not have a microchip so the volunteers could not find her owners and know why she appeared there.
‘Why she appeared there we will soon know’ said the man.

But they will do everything so that it could not appear in such condition again.
So, the woman took Caroline to her home.

The puppy was amazing, she said.
The woman’s daughter also loved the animal and they easily find a common language.

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