The woman finally found her missing dog after a long separation

Everyone who heard this story could not hide their tears. The reunion of the woman with her dog was an emotional moment for everyone. But fortunately this had a happy ending.

Kameroun met the dog when it was a puppy. She decided to adopt the baby and look after it. At that time the dog was fighting for her life as it had a disease.

The name of the dog means faithful and it reveals many things about the dog called Semper. Semper was the dog that the woman always dreamt about.

But a horrible thing happened in 2016 when Kameroun had to move to another country. So, she had to leave the animal with her friends. But shortly after she left, she heard that the dog was lost. She was disappointed and did not know what to do.

The woman did her best to find the pet and she even shared an announcement but everything was in vain. So, she asked her friend for help and even hired an investigator.

After some time the woman managed to find her pet. It was a heartbreaking moment. Now she is even more careful with her and was happy to find it.

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