The woman did everything to raise the necessary money for her dog

Sometimes medical bills are so huge that you cannot afford it. The woman named Shana Lowell sold pastries and plasma to cover the bill. Sahana has a dog named Kodiak. Kodiak is her only pet.

Doctors found out that Kodiak had either spinal infection or dislocated disc.
But they should afford an MRI examination to have an accurate diagnosis.

But it costs up to $4,000 and she could not afford it.
But she had to cover the costs for her dog.

She came to Baton Rouge twice a week to donate her plasma. She also sold baking pastries and collected all the gathered money.
Shana worked in an animal rescue center for many years till she became disabled.

She spent lots of money to save many animals whose owners could not cover the costs. Her former position allowed her to do so.
‘Kodiak was with me in my worst, and now I should do everything to save him’ she said. It’s painful for me to see how he suffers.

So, she opened a fund for the dog and raised money.
Everyone was amazed how dedicated the owner is to her pet. Shana is a hero.
Now, Kodiak is undergoing treatment. And Shana got the necessary money to start his treatment.

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