The woman asked to give her a cat that no one wanted

The girl visited a shelter and wanted to adopt a cat. And she had an unexpected request for the staff. She wanted to see the cat who stayed there the longest.

They show a cat who was toothless and in old age. So, she took the animal and named it Kali.
The animal ended up there in an unknown condition. She was too old.

The cat meowed at the girl and it seemed very different. The girl smiled again after a long time.
So, she took it home. She started to treat the cat and did everything for her.

The first night the cat could not even sleep and she was worried about what was happening to her.
But in the morning the cat cuddled the girl and slept. Most probably she felt that she was at home.

After that Kali always slept with her owner. The cat was very friendly and enjoyed hugging the woman.The girl accepted that the cat brought happiness to her time.

She was alone and felt depressed and suddenly everything changed when they adopted the animal. It’s vital to realize that you need someone. Now, both of their lives have changed.

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