The woman adopted an old dog at such an age

The woman who’s 100 years old decided to take a responsible step.
So, she took a dog at such an age.

What’s more interesting was that she decided to take an old dog.
Maybe the reason was that she understood how difficult it was to be lonely at such an age.

Her parents did not allow her to do so when she was a child.
And that’s why becoming an adult she decided to make her dream come true.

So, together with her husband, they took 8 dogs.
At that time her life was beautiful and happy as she imagined until she recently lost her husband and her dog.

And the pain was unbearable for her.
She understood that she could not live long in loneliness and came up with an idea.

Now she wanted to adopt another dog but was afraid if they would give her a pet or not.
But she was wrong.

The woman became the owner of Gucci when she was 11 years old.
And now she is at least not alone.

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