The woman adopted 2 children and they turned out to be siblings

This amazing story happened in Colorado. The woman named Paige decided to divorce her husband and changed her life.

First, she changed her house, and job and made new friends.
So, she started to work in a center for abandoned children.

It was hard for her to work in such a place but she always thought that it was even worse for those children.

During this time she became used to her new workplace and wanted to be helpful every minute.
Now she was ready to adopt a baby from there.

And the baby she chose was abandoned when she was 4 days old. Does the baby deserve it?
After some time she adopted the second baby.

Later, she found that both babies have the same bracelets.
So, they turned out to be siblings.

Although their biological mother left them, the siblings were lucky enough to have Paige as their mother.

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