The widow was desperate when suddenly the elk came to her window

81 years old woman called Mette Kvam has been living in Aurland after her husband’s death. She was scared of being alone for the rest of her life.

But once, an amazing animal came to her window.
She felt isolated when something happened that changed her life.

Mette noticed that one deer came to her window every day.
But many experts advise people not to come closer to these animals as they can harm people.

But Mette did not pay attention to such warnings.
When she first saw Mette she loved her. And decided to feed her.

The animal took the bread carefully and at that moment the woman understood how gentle she was.

So, she also named her Flippen.
But she did not know whether it would return or not after the first bread.

But she waits for her every day.
Their relationship was growing day by day. After the first meeting, Flippen came to her twice a day.

Now they are best friends and Mette no longer feels alone. Thanks to the animal, she feels better than before.

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