The wandering cat wanted to make the puppy happy, who was searching for his owners

The cat consoled a poor puppy who was left alone after the owners left him forcibly.
In such periods you understand how caring animals could be towards each other. Luckily, the story of these heroes ended happily.

This puppy was found in the building where he lived for about 6 months. His owners were retired and could no longer take care of themselves. So, they had to leave their dog alone. But the poor creature waited for the owners all day long.

The doggie was noticed by people and they fed him but this was not the end. The most heartbroken moment was when one cat took care of the dog when he was alone.

It stayed with the sad puppy and wanted to somehow make him happy.
The dog is friendly and when he sees someone he examines their faces and wants to find his owners.

So, these two are always together and they even sleep together to stay warm. Let’s hope that soon kind people will notice them and take them.

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