The wandering cat walked through the stranger’s house and then brought all her babies

One day a resident of Los Angeles was sitting at home when suddenly saw a strange cat.
The animal came there through the back door.

Most probably she confused her house, Vincent thought when the animal left the house after looking around a bit.
After a short time, the same cat came back there but at this time she was not alone.

Then she looked for a place where she could put the babies.
Vincent was not afraid and suggested to the cat a big box where she can put the babies.

The cat laid there for some time and then came out and went somewhere.
Vincent was worried at this time about her behavior, so the cat decided to leave the babies there and never return.

But he came back again and brought another kitten with him.
Then she bought 3 more babies.

Vincent put food and water there for the animals.
The mother was happy and lay near the babies.

Vincent was happy as she trusted him with her babies but he could not look after them.
Then he posted the story on social media and fortunately someone appeared who wanted to adopt the baby.
The mother was thankful to him for his help.

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