The video below showcases a group of orcas helping an injured whale to swim safely after it got tangled in a net.

This happened near the south part of Western Australia. The scene was a very unusual one, as orcas usually eat whales. However, here the orcas free the poor animal and let it swim away.

Orcas are the largest representative of the dolphin family. They have teeth and are considered to be a predator and they have a white-and-black body which makes them very recognizable among other ocean creatures.

In an interview, Jemma Sharp that works at “Whale Watch Western Australia” said something interesting. According to her, when they saw the whale and later discovered the orcas around, the team got worried for the poor animal.

The poor animal was stuck in the net and its body was injured seriously. So the condition of the whale, when the orcas found it, was terrible.

As the killer orcas approached the net everyone got worried. However, the animals didn’t show any aggression towards the injured animal. Moreover, they tried everything to get it discharged from the net. After the whale was released, the predators showed no interest in its direction.

Later, the organization publicized a statement saying that once they realized there is a whale in the net that can’t get out of it, they felt it was a terrible situation. It even seems worse, because then it could have been easily consumed by ocean predators.

According to the crew, they could see how when the orcas came toward it, the whale tried to somehow protect itself. But the predators weren’t there for any bad purposes. The orcas got near the trap and tried to get the net strings away from the whale. Suddenly, the stuck animal got free from the net and began to float near the orcas.

Afterward, the predators paid no attention to it as it floated freely.

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