The unhappy pet sat in a shelter for a long time till he smelled a familiar smell

When the dog named Pakita was transferred to a dog shelter the staff was told that it was found on the street all alone. The poor dog was afraid and shocked.

The dog felt good surrounded by the shelter staff and especially with Silvia Ferreira.
The poor dog stayed there for 2 years. The staff could not find the owners.

The animal was depressed and felt alone. Nothing satisfied her. The puppies managed to easily find owners but she could not. She was patiently waiting for her owners.

But the volunteers in their turn did everything to help the animal find a home. They even took a photo of her and posted the photos on social media so that they can find their owners.

And after some time they received a message from a woman who told them that it was her son’s pet. Her son thought they would never find her.
The other day, the boy visited the shelter to meet the dog. It was one of the heartbreaking moments when they met.

The dog felt a familiar scent and they recognized each other. This moment melted everyone’s heart.

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