The twins are both different but also similar to each other

Children are miracles in the world. It does not matter their color or appearance, they are so important to their parents. In many cases, children differ from each other but are still siblings.

Judith Nwokochi is from Canada and had Nigerian origins.
The boy called Kamis had dark skin and looked like his mom.

The girl is exactly the opposite of her brother.
The mother confessed that she always wanted to have twins and her dream came true.

But the regular examination showed that the girl stopped growing. So, an operation should urgently be performed. The boy was born first and then the second one.

The mother could not believe that it was her daughter. But everyone admired her appearance.
The girl had sensitive skin. And fortunately, she did not have any health problems.

She won many people’s hearts. And the mother loved them and did not pay any attention to their peculiarities.

Children have good relationships. And the differences did not bother them. They love each other so much. The children are lucky to have such a family.

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