The twin sister gave birth on the same day at the same place

These twin sisters have always been close to each other. Now the connection becomes even stronger between the sisters. They both gave birth on the same day.

The babies have the same height and weight.
They knew about their pregnancy 2 weeks apart.

During the pregnancy they always supported and helped each other.
Also, their husbands always joke that their babies would be born on the same day.

And surprisingly it happened.
Surprisingly, they went to labor on the same day again 2 hours apart.

During the process they both visited each other’s rooms and supported each other.
Jill’s son was born at 18;40 and Erin’s son was born 23:30 of the same day.

And surprisingly, the sons looked like each other.
After the birth, the twins laid in neighboring rooms and were discharged the next day.

Now they do everything together and never leave each other alone.
Such an amazing story.

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