The truck driver suddenly took the “alien”

This person was like an alien but at the same time very charming.
Surprisingly the baby survived and appeared at the shelter.

So, this is called an alien beast.
The driver walked through the desert while starting off and then noticed something strange under the wheels.

It was like a ball. Luckily, the man saw the animal and it was a baby aardvark.
The mother was not around. So, the baby was moved to the shelter.

Here, the dog named Zara guarded the animal.
Everyone immediately loved the animal as they are not aggressive and are very friendly.

They do not conflict with anyone. Here, it would be safe and would eat well, which is very important.
The animal was gradually taught to get food and then would be released to the wild.

But he always returned to his mom who always took care of him.
He was very thankful to everyone for such a kind attitude.

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