The totally ignored cat finally found a home and foster mom

The owner of the cat named Skywalker decided to get rid of the animal despite his beautiful appearance. His disproportionate fingers were a reason for this.
Without thinking deeper they left the animal in the vet clinic and forgot about his existence.

When doctors found him they examined and his fingers would nor prevent him living a normal life.
One of the employees took the poor animal home.

Atr first, the animal was afraid to be in someone’s home but then everything changed.
The dog named Mojito with her maternal instincts started to take care of the cat. She could not stay indifferent.

The dog cleaned and warmed the baby and also did everything so it could feel better. The cat gradually grew up and became an adult cat but he never lost his love to his mother. The dog helped him a lot and he could never forget about it.
He was lucky to have such a mother.

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