The tiny dog jumped into the car and wanted to leave the forest

We were planning to feed a homeless animal and were driving near a forest. And the driver decided to stop to get some fresh air. Nikolai was waiting for him when a stranger jumped into their car. It was a huge dog who was thin and hungry.

The animal was sad.
So, they decided to feed him. It turned out to be a friendly creature.


Also, it seemed that he was waiting for help. And it’s impossible that someone would help him in the forest.
So they decided to take him and called the supervisor. It seemed that he understood everything as he became more joyful.

No one knows how long he stayed in the forest.
The volunteers showed him to doctors. And they confirmed that he starved for a long time. Also, he had kidney problems.

The dog was 5 years old. She got all the necessary treatment and was sent to the shelter.
It was the first time they saw such a joyful Alabai.

They named him Aza.
Aza was huge but thin. The staff of the shelter fed him well to get him in shape.
So, these kind volunteers saved this dog’s life.

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