The tiny dog found his best friend who was huge

This is the case when size does not matter.
And this story will prove to you that statement.

Chihuahua Diby and Neapolitan Mastiff Nero became best friends.
The chihuahua dog was found on the street as the owners decided to get rid of him.

At that time he was less than a month old and was very tiny. He weighed about half a kilogram.
He would die if he would not be noticed by passers-by who hurried to call the Animal rescue center.

So, here, at the shelter, he met Nero who was huge and weighed about 57 kilograms. Such a big difference in their size.
Nero was interested in all newcomers. Moreover, it was under the care of the head of the shelter.

And this couple became inseparable. They started to play, eat and sleep together.
But they should be parted soon as Digby had new owners.

Let’s hope that he will have a bright future with his new owners.

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