The tiger came to the huntsman to help the baby

Ivan was a huntsman. He saw many different animals in his life. But this time he met a really special one.
Amur tigers are rare in this area. Ivan knows that hunting these animals is prohibited.

One day, he suddenly saw a tiger but he did not gun him.
The man noticed that it had a wound and was covered in blood.

The tiger was looking for help and protection from the man. Then she went but then returned. At this time, she was not alone.
She kept a cub in her teeth. The cub needed care and attention. So, the man had to keep the cub as the mother asked for help.

He decided to do so until it will be ready to be released into the wild.
The cub grew up as a pet.

He was used to playing with dogs and cats. The man also became attached to it and did not imagine his life without him. He named it Cupid. After a year, the cub turned into a big tiger.
It will be hard but the tiger had to part away with the man.

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