The three-legged dog became a friend one a girl who had only one arm

Baby Ella Peggy was born only with one arm.
But fortunately, it did not prevent the girl from growing up like other ordinary children.

Her father said that she quickly adapts to all the difficulties.
Once, the family saw a dog from a TS show, who was three-legged, and finally understood that it could be a perfect friend for their daughter.

So, the father wrote a letter and asked them to give the dog to their daughter.
When I first saw Snowy I knew that he would be a loyal friend to Ella, told the father.

They are the same age and having a dog will be another important thing in her life. She will see and feel how someone likes her.

Now the family has a new member. Husband, wife, and their children all live together. From now on they will also have a loving pet.

The dog was very active and it was difficult for the girl to become used to such a creature but then they became best friends.
The couple loves each other very much.

They enjoy hugging each other. And every morning the dog looks for Ella at first and then runs to hug others.
So, adopting Snowy was one of the most important decisions that they ever made.

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