The thinnest dog in the world is now during the process of recovery

The thinnest dog finally recovered and participated in his owner’s wedding ceremony.
The name of the dog was William.

When he was taken from the shelter he weighed about 6.5 pounds.
And one can count all his bones.

At the time it was so hard for him to even stay.
The new owners treated him well and were very careful with him.

After some time, he recovered and weighed about 24 pounds.
Now he would be able to participate in his owner’s wedding ceremony.

The couple also had another pet called Harry.
The animal looked like a skeleton but thanks to the owner’s love and care he was recovered and fully transformed.

His previous owners treated him badly but he was lucky enough to find new kind owners.
And for such cruelty, the previous owners would be punished.
Let’s thank the new owners for being so caring and kind.

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