The taxi driver stopped traffic and saved a cat

The taxi driver named Bill Cannon was driving on the highway when noticed a cat on the road.
It was magic that he stayed alive between the passing cars.

But this man slowed the car to hear his meow.
He later said that it was hard to catch him as he jumped into another car, but he eventually managed to do so.

So, the man called his wife and said that she had a surprise.
‘You will love or hate me’ he joked.

He did not know how his wife would respond to it.
But all his worries were in vain.

The cat was welcomed very warmly at home. The man decided to keep him forever.
They named the animal Autumn. The next day, they took him to the hospital to make sure everything was good with him.

The doctors examined him and it turned out that he was healthy.
The family was very happy about their new family member.

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