The students found a puppy but then it turned out to be a wolf

The student once found a puppy and took it home.
The puppy was behaving very weirdly and digging in the yard.

But no one paid any attention to the fact.
One day, it met with a doctor by chance and it turned out that it was not a puppy but a wolf.

They looked after a wolf for 6 months.
George called the pet Neo and built a house for it in their yard.

Neo grew up and always tried to escape. Every time it was found in the neighbor’s area.
So, Neo did not want to communicate with anyone besides George.

The wolf did not bark and once it managed to run away.
Later, it was found by the animal shelter staff.

George was amazed as he raised a wolf for 6 months.
Neo should be given to a special organization.
Now he is missing his owner but then he went to the forest as his instinct told him.

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