The student turned the billboard into a dog shelters

Thailand is an amazing place with its culture, food, and lots of wandering dogs. But these problems exist in many other countries.
Many people wander in the streets to survive.

According to their culture, people receive merit for feeding street animals.
Many animals are born every day and there are not enough spaces for them.

One student decided to help them and made their life easier.
He transformed old billboards into animal shelters.

He came up with this idea during his doctoral program and later got praise.
So, he cooperated with a company that helped him implement this idea.

So, overall 20 shelters are almost created for the animals.
The company often shared photos of the shelter on its social media pages.

The shelters are something like an umbrella for dogs.
They are located in different parts of the country and they could be easily foldable.
So, they do not interfere with anyone and that was a great idea for animals.

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